Chimek! Chicken & Beer was founded in 2015 by the JRM Partners Pty Ltd based in Perth, Australia. Fried chicken and beer is a very popular craze in both Korea and America. The name Chimek is a portmanteau combining the word ‘chicken’ with the Korean word for beer, ‘mekju’.

The word refers to restaurant/pubs that serve fried chicken alongside a quality selection of beers as a complement to the meal itself. The style of cuisine is described as a fusion of Korean and American flavours working together to produce mouth-watering delicacies for all.

Defining a Tradition

The Chimek fad is rapidly being embraced in many parts of the world with much enthusiasm by people from diverse cultures. However, we’re not just all about fried chicken. Chimek offers a funky range of food where patrons are able to sink their teeth into our juicy yet famous Black Charcoal Beef Burger, Cranberry Pork Burger alongside typical Korean Burgers like the Kimchi burger and Bulgogi burger with extraordinary side menus such as Cheesy Cayenne Beer Battered Chips and Korean Popcorn.

Additionally, not to contend with the rest on our chicken laurels we also took on the innovative approach to traditional fast food by creating some extra special twists on a range of cool and rustic desserts.

Broad Reach

Chimek! Chicken & Beer is unique in the way it caters to a wide range of consumers. Chimek transforms the humble fried chicken into a modern cuisine that breaks through the barriers of stereotypical food with its combination of ‘east meets west’ flavours.
Chimek! Chicken & Beer has built its strong presence through its first ‘food truck-style’ popup stall in the family-friendly Fremantle Markets of Western Australia. Our Restaurant/Bar in Northbridge produces an extensive menu served quality beers which stay true to the meaning of ‘Chimek’ chicken and beer.

Crafting the Future

The incorporation of a Korean-American fusion as a business concept allows for a more dynamic approach to our menu. There are no limitations in adapting flavours to meet the evolving trends of ‘on-the-go’ quick bites and family feasts to pub-style dine-ins. It is through this innovation we are able to change the game in the food industry.

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